LUX UNDER THE SINK Drinking Water Purifier

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LUX UNDER THE SINK Drinking Water Purifier


Global UV standard LUX Under the sink drinking water purifier comes with AQUAGUARD Technology, the latest technology for water purifier, exclusively for LUX. Therefore, you can be assured that your drinking water is 99.99% clean with filtering system, sterilization that comes with unique and luxury design.

LUX UNDER THE SINK Drinking Water Purifier

LUX Firewall Technology

Quartz Glass with Double-helix UV array design

This latest design of quart glass around UV lamp integrated with high quality selection enables bacteria and virus removal efficiently to the second that water flow out from the tip of the tube.


With high quality filter with sediment filter, which helps filter dust and sediment contaminated in the water, and carbon block filter, which helps absorb poisonous substance such as chlorine, weed killer, pesticide, etc. that may cause various dread disease such as cancer, as well as helps adjust condition, color, odor, and taste of water making it more drinkable.

Product Features



Size (WidthxDeepxHigh) 335 x 179 x 78 mm.
Power Supply 220-240 W / 50 Hz
Weight 6 kg.
Water Connection ¼”
Minimum Water Pressure Megapascal 2 bar
Maximum Pressure Megapascal 4.14 bar
Recommended Water Pressure Megapascal 3 bar
Minimum Incoming Flow Rate 1.5 Lite/ min
Standard Filter Carbon block Sediment filter
UV Lamp UV 13 watt
Water Temperature ambient temperature
Control Uniะt 17 W
Unit Total 17 W

Lux Pure Water for Life

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