LUX Portable Water Purifier

“Genius” drinking water purifier that meets the need of healthy new generation with modern lifestyle


LUX Portable Water Purifier


Global UV standard LUX Portable drinking water purifier comes with AQUAGUARD Technology, the latest technology for water purifier, exclusively for LUX. Therefore, you can be assured that your drinking water is 99.99% clean with filtering system, sterilization, and complete germ buildup prevention. It comes with compact design for your convenience, easily moveable because it does not require installation.

LUX Portable Water Purifier

LUX Firewall Technology

Quartz Glass with Double-helix UV array design

Quartz Glass with Double-helix UV array design. This latest design of quart glass around UV lamp integrated with high quality selection enables bacteria and virus removal efficiently to the second that water flow out from the tip of the tube.

BioCote Technology

BioCote. This is technology that helps stop growth of germ that may accumulate at the tip of the outlet tube, which is where it is contacted with user’s hands reassuring that every drop that flows into the glass is truly clean and healthy drinking water for every family member.


With high quality filter with sediment filter, which helps filter dust and sediment contaminated in the water, and carbon block filter, which helps absorb poisonous substance such as chlorine, weed killer, pesticide, etc. that may cause various dread disease such as cancer, as well as helps adjust condition, color, odor, and taste of water making it more drinkable.

Water Portable Innovation

Convenient, Easy to Use, No Installation Needed

LUX Portable drinking water purifier comes with compact design, versatility, easily moveable. It can be easily used with only 3 steps. Just fill in water-plug it in-touch it, and you can drink clean water without installation. This is suitable for small family or people who care for their health and want to carry clean water everywhere they go.

Filter and UV is Easily Replaceable

You can easily replace filter and UV lamp of LUX Portable drinking water purifier

Product Features


Size (WidthxlongxHigh) 140 x 306 x349 MM.
Electric Power 220-240 W / 50 Hz
Weight 3.6 kg.
Standard Filter Carbon block
UV System UV 13 Watt
Water Tank Capacity 3 Liters
Water Temperature Temperature Normal

Lux Pure Water for Life

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