LUX COUNTER TOP Water Purifier

Meet every lifestyle in the family with global standard water purifier that can adjust water temperature as many as 4 levels


LUX COUNTER TOP Water Purifier


LUX COUNTER TOP Drinking Water Purifier that uses global standard UV system that comes with AQUAGUARD Technology, the latest technology for water purifier, exclusively for LUX. Therefore, you can be assured that your drinking water is 99.99% clean with filtering system, sterilization, and complete germ buildup prevention. It is convenient for every household to choose water at 4 different temperatures.

LUX COUNTER TOP Water Purifier

LUX Firewall Technology

Quartz Glass with Double-helix UV array design

This latest design of quart glass around UV lamp integrated with high quality selection enables bacteria and virus removal efficiently to the second that water flow out from the tip of the tube.

BioCote Technology

This is technology that helps stop growth of germ that may accumulate at the tip of the outlet tube, which is where it is contacted with user’s hands reassuring that every drop that flows into the glass is truly clean and healthy drinking water for every family member.


With high quality filter with sediment filter, which helps filter dust and sediment contaminated in the water, and carbon block filter, which helps absorb poisonous substance such as chlorine, weed killer, pesticide, etc. that may cause various dread disease such as cancer, as well as helps adjust condition, color, odor, and taste of water making it more drinkable.

Stainless steel No.304, food-grade Standard Quality Material

LUX COUNTER TOP water purifier uses high quality stainless steel No.304, food-grade in hot water and cold water tank manufacturing to ensure that the purifier is rust-free, which makes every drop of water that flows out from LUX water purifier clean and suitable for drinking for you and your loved ones. And, it is also can be used for cooking.

Water Counter top Innovation

Choose Water Temperature Required Easily with Just a Touch of Fingertip

LUX COUNTER TOP drinking water purifier can adjust water temperature that perfectly meets the need of every lifestyle of family members.

Cold Water; at temperature of approximately 5 °C, you can drink fresh and cool water immediately.

Ambient Water; this mode gives you water at ambient temperature.

Hot Water; at temperature of approximately 87 °C, you can enjoy your favorite cup of coffee at the touch of your fingertip.

Extra Hot Water; at temperature of approximately 95 °C for authentic taste of tea making, as well as suitable for cooking at any time you want

Product Features


Size (WidthxlongxHigh) 296 x 375 x 425 mm.
Electric Power 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Weight 18 kg.
Standard Filter Sediment filter , Carbon block
Cold Water Tank Capacity 1.4 Liters
Hot Water Tank Capacity 1.3 Liters
Water Temperature Cold water 5-16°C, Hot water 80-95°C
UV System UV 13 Watt
The Minimum Water Flow Rate 1.2 Lite/ min

Lux Pure Water for Life

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