Effective communication for teamwork like the professional.

15/11/2018 8:03 AM
Effective communication for teamwork like the professional.

When 9-10th November 2018, LUX Royal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. have prepared for training the course “Effective communication for the professional teamwork” at S2 hotel, Bangsan Chonburi with the lecturer is Dr. Wasan Ritmontri. At work had playing games and doing the funny activities about effective communication.

On 10th November 2018, After finish the training. The participants joined to do CSR at Karunyawet Home for Persons with Disabilities Protection and Development, Banglamung Chonburi. “Lux” has collected the money to donate, The donation money amount is 7,975 baht and it was brought to buy the daily items to Karunyawet Home and lunch for them from 10.30 am. to 12.30 pm. and the donation items is

  1. Absorbent pads amount 30 pieces
  2. Adult diapers size L 4 packs
  3. Adult diapers size L M 6 packs

totals 6,799 baht

  1. Garbage bags size 30×40, 36×45 amount 28 packs

totals 1,176 baht

We have collected the photos of the training to see it.