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Nisit Daman

29/06/2016 6:42 AM
Nisit Daman
"My life began with nothing but now has changed for a better life. There is no doubt in my mind. My life is better today because of Lux. I love Lux."

It gives mean opportunity to work with one of the leading direct selling company in Thailand. I am so proud to be apart of Lux family. I promise, I won’t stop there but I will try to do my best I can for my team and I will lead Yala team to be the Nisit graduated from Faculty of Agriculture Princess of Naradhiwas University. After graduation, he started his career at Lux in the position of a Sales Partner. Even though he may feel that it was not his cup of tea and also it was not an easy job to do at the first time, but with the heart of commitment, diligence, extra effort and hard work are keys to his success. Only one year, he won an oversea trip as award for his dedication and commitment. He said ‘It was my first time flying and traveling overseas. I was so exciting. Wow!!’ Only two years after joining Lux, he was able to buy his first home in Yala province for 700,000 THB and also bough the first car himself. Moreover, he can also bought a land in Yala province approximately thirty-five rai for growing rubber tree while he was just a Sales Partner. And soon after that, while he was promoted to a Team Leader, he had earned more income and some extra money. Thus, he decided to buy further property and facilities. At currently, he occupies two houses in Yala, two cars and fifty-five rai of land. Furthermore, he is also the one of our Luxer who received many overseas trip awards to either Europe or Asia. In Currently, he is one of successful Branch Manager in Lux Thailand. He is a really good fighter who can achieve all success in life. His motto is, ‘Hard work never killed anyone’


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