How to care for skin in summer?

09/03/2015 2:02 PM
How to care for skin in summer?

Maintaining beautiful skin without wrinkle is one way of adding charm to woman’s personality. In summer, besides hot weather, sunlight is also a problem for skin health. For girls who want to travel for this summer holiday, do not be afraid that your skin will be damaged by sunlight because we have recommendation for how to care for your skin in summer.

Factors that affect skin condition;

UV or Ultraviolet is an important factor that causes our skin to be dried, dark, and may also cause skin cancer. There are 3 types of UV;

  1. UVA; This type of UV causes damage to skin and premature wrinkles
  2. UVB; This type of UV causes direct damage to skin, which leads to sunburn
  3. UVC; This type of UV is blocked by earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, it cannot cause damage to skin condition

How to care for skin in summer?

In summer, sunlight may cause skin to be dried. Therefore, besides nourishment, looking after skin in summer requires protecting skin from sunlight using the following methods;

  1. Choose to wear clothes that can protect you from UV such as wear long sleeves shirt, long pants, wear sunglasses, use umbrella, or wear wide brim hat.
  2. Choose sunscreen with high SPF, suitable for skin condition, and in sufficient quantity such as more than 2 hours of outdoor activity that makes a lot of sweat, you should choose waterproof sunscreen, the same for swimming.
  3. Nourish skin with moisturizer. Choose the type that is suitable for one’s skin condition to add moisture to skin.
  4. Drink enough water for body’s demand. If body is dehydrated, it is one of the causes for dried skin, especially in summer where our bodies lose more water than usual.
  5. Exercise regularly because exercise will cause body to excrete sweat and waste making healthy skin from the inside.
  6. Use cold water to wash face because besides feeling nice and cool, cold water also helps tighten pores and helps revitalize skin condition.
  7. When wearing makeup, you should not apply foundation too thick because when you are in hot weather or in contact with sunlight, a lot of sweat will be excreted causing pimple and become inflamed pimple that is a problem for skin condition.
  8. Eat fruit or fruit drink that is beneficial for skin condition.

If you only behave and look after your skin in summer as recommended, you will have beautiful and radiant skin and will not have to be afraid of sunlight any more.