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Our mission

“Make every home a Lux home. The Lux concept is not only a business proposition. It is first and foremost a mission, a mission to create healthier brighier and happier homes.”

Mr. Axel Wnner-Gren (1881-1961)

Who we are

Lux Royal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is a direct selling company that been successfully operating sustainable business in Thailand for more than 37 years. The company is committed to offer high quality water and air products for better consumer’s health and improved quality of life, together with innovation to maintain quality. Therefore, “Lux” products under operation of Lux Royal (Thailand) Co., Ltd. are able to meet all the needs of consumers in every target group, which the focus is on continuous consumer satisfaction with friendly care and professionalism.


“LUX” was founded in 1901 in Sweden. Lux initial business was the distribution of “kerosene lamps” specialized in street and river visibility. The name Lux comes from Latin and means Light.

In 1912, LUX started to manufacture and distribute the world revolutionary domestic electric “vacuum cleaner” called “LUX I”. Mr. Axel Wenner-Gren, who was the pioneer of “direct sales”, came knocking on customer’s door to demonstrate and test the products in the comfort of their own homes, and presented hire purchase system, which later became a good foundation and a success that was recognized worldwide.

In 1977, the company started its business in Asia Pacific by distributing vacuum cleaners as the first product using direct sales.

In 2001, LUX Asia Pacific became a proud member of the VORWERK Group that has a successful history of more than 130 years.

Today Vorwerk is one of the top 3 biggest direct sales companies in the world with a global distribution network in more than 70 countries.

The Vorwerk group has high quality production facilities in numerous countries around the world such as Germany, Italy, France, China, Mexico, and USA.

The LUX Asia Pacific Group’s headquarter is located in Singapore and cover the regional operations in Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand as well as the distribution in Australia, Malaysia, Brunei, Hong Kong, and South Korea, etc.

1901 1901

LUX AB is born. Karosene Street lightning

1912 1912

Alex Wenner-Gren Presents the vacuum cleaner. It was the first domestic vacuum cleaner and it was called LUX 1

1919 1919

LUX and the company Elektromekaniska merge to become Electrolux

1977 1977

LUX starts its activities in Thailand

1982 1982

The first water purifier model GW-80 was launched in 1982

1991 1991

The first air clean model uz842 launched in 1991

1992 1992

Electrolux recover the name LUX for their premium products

2001 2001

LUX Royal Thailand becomes a member of Vorwerk & CO